Discord User List Exporter | Discord User List to Xlsx |
Tired of sorting out each member in your discord server one by one?
One click to export list of discord members of discord server.


  • Export member id, username#discriminator.
  • Export member roles.
  • Export & download avatar pictures.
  • Export member activity.
  • Export member join time.

How it works?

  1. Open a discord url
  2. Click on the application icon in the upper right corner
  3. Click the export button

What columns you can export?
-discord user id
-discord username
-discord user roles
-discord user activity
-discord user avatar
-discord user status
-discord user joined at time


Yes, Discord Export for Chrome is free to use. You can get basic functionality and upgrade to get more features.

Data privacy

All the data is processed only on your local computer, it never passes through our web servers, no one knows what others export.


We sincerely want to solve any problem you may have.Please feel free to contact us via discord@savemydayapp.com.