What InsExport can do for me?

By using InsExport, You can:

  •  Export followers
  •  Export following

What is the difference between a free account and a paid user?

  • Free account can only export up to 500 followers / following at a time.
  • Paid account can export 50000 followers / following at a time.

Instagram is blocking me for too many requests, what can i do?

This is a prompt from Instagram, there is no way to do this, you can only wait, if it does not work after an hour or two, you can try again after a day, we have the function to continue downloading, you can continue downloading tomorrow, it is also the only application on the market that supports continuous point download.Only we can break point to download a large list of fans, if we can’t download it, other applications can’t download it even more.

The best way to download more than 1W followers

1 Set a long request interval
2 Turn on your computer and go for a cup of coffee

Can you export your instagram followers?

Install InsExport extension. Enter instagram account or username. Enter your instagram id and then click the submit button. download list of followers in Excel.

How do I export instagram following list?

1. Enter a Instagram username
2. Select export type (followers or following list),select include followers / follows count
3. Click the export button

How do I export instagram followers to excel?

  1. Enter an Instagram username.
  2. Select export type (followers or following list),select include followers / follows count.
  3. Click the export button. I recommend here a smart browser extension that allows you to extract Instagram followers and following. InsExport – Export Instagram Followers.

When I click export,is says exporting 0 valid, and the list is empty?

The Instagram user you export may be set private, so we can’t export it.Try another account.