Telegram exporter extracts users’ data and messages from groups with one click

💬 Telegram exporter features

✓ Export messages to CSV in one click
✓ No password, API login or permissions required
✓ Safe: Use your own browser & IP address
✓ Runs in the background; switch tabs with ease
✓ Simple and easy to use
✓ 24/7 developer support

🤔 How to use the Telegram exporter Extension?

Open a Telegram chat on Telegram Web in your browser. Scroll up in the chat as much as you can and then click on the “Scrape” button to start scraping. After the extension finishes scraping, a CSV file containing all the data will start downloading.

⚠️ Important

For the extension to work, make sure your Telegram web language is set to English.

💳 Pricing

Access all the features of Telegram Scraper for just $15/month. No account required to sign up, and you can cancel at any time, no questions asked!

🔒 Privacy Policy

Please note that our extension accesses web pages information. Data is stored only in your local storage. We do not have access to your data.