Benefits of Instagram Follower List

Social media is a useful tool for many functions. You can use social media for the purpose of entertainment, socializing, improving your brand, and increasing your customers. To achieve some of these purposes, you need to have followers. For business purposes, followers are more likely to convert to your customers and therefore the need to know them. This post looks at the numerous benefits you can get from having an Instagram follower list.

How can I use exported data?

Coming up with an elaborate list can help you achieve different purposes. These purposes include;

instagram exported data

Comparing the list to other lists

It is essential to get follower lists from different platforms in addition to Instagram. You can get a list of your TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter followers. Once you have all these lists, you can use your Instagram follower list to know how many people follow you on more than one platform.

Also, you know which follower follows you on only one platform. You can then use the information to market to these followers so they can follow you on all platforms.

Uploading the list to a social monitoring platform

Once you have the list, you can upload it on a social monitoring platform to improve your level of social media management. A social monitoring platform can help you track your followers. You can also use the platform to prune your followers; for example, you can use it to follow back those that follow you and unfollow those that don’t follow you back.

Using the list for targeted advertising on other platforms

Once you have the list, you can run ads targeting them. There is a default IG/Facebook ads program facilitating this but if you want more targeted advertising you can narrow down the list to a more engaged audience.

You can select people that comment on your posts and upload the list to a contact management platform. The platform can use the Instagram’s usernames, find other followers’ contacts which you can use to contact them and advertise your business.

Filtering the list for bad accounts

There are followers that may be bots and you need to prune them. Having a list can ease how you can prune these followers. Some of the tools you can use to prune the followers require you to have Instagram follower lists and therefore, it is necessary to have the list with you.

Getting Look-a-Like audiences

You can use the list to get audiences similar to your existing customers. To do this, you can upload a .csv file and use it to find a similar set of people.

  1. Go to Audience
  2. Click Create audience drop-down then choose Lookalike Audience.
  3. Choose csv. file you exported
  4. Choose the country/countries where you want to find a similar people.
  5. Choose the desired audience size with the slider.
  6. Click Create Audience.

Search better influencers for collaboration

Once you have the list, you can look for potential bloggers to advertise your product. For example, you can look for followers with more than ten thousand followers and those with more than 30 publications and have IGTV videos. You can then send an offer to the followers and within no time you can have better influencers to promote your products and services.

How to View and Export a List of Your Instagram Followers

It is evident that it is beneficial to have the Instagram followers list. There are three ways you can view and export a list of your Instagram followers;

• Option 1: Manual option

• Option 2: Helper Tools

Option 1: Manual option

You can do it manually as it is the easier option. You can access the Instagram page, and access your followers page by clicking “# followers.” They include;

• People’s usernames

• Your followers’ display names

• People’s profile photos

• Whether you follow the people or not

However, it is challenging to export the data because it is on a light box. However, you can use a scraper program to scrape the data. Another challenge is that if you have more than 20 followers, you will need to scroll down to access the names of your followers.

It is a challenging method because if you have tens of thousands or even millions, you can be scrolling for a long time to access all the data. The only benefit of using the method is that you will get a conclusive list of all of your followers.

However, if you have a lot of followers, the constant loading’ may lead to the browser crashing limiting you from accessing your data. You may also opt to get scrapers to automate the process but the scrapers may be ineffective if you have millions of followers

Option 2: Helper tools

It is a browser extension for Google Chrome. It involves tools useful when you are managing your Instagram account. With a helper tool, you can export data to a CSV. One example of a useful helper tool is InsExport.

Instagram following list home InsExport Big ad
Instagram following list home InsExport Big ad

Using InsExport, you can export the Instagram followers to CSV within one click. You can do the following to get the lists using the following steps;

• Put in your Instagram username

• Select the list you need (follower or following Instagram user list)

• Click the Export button

You can process the data on your local computer. The data is secure because it doesn’t pass through webservers and others can’t see what you export. InsExport has plenty of positive reviews from its users. The reviews state that it is a good helper tool because it is easy to use and it helps them save time. Therefore, you should try it today.

There are numerous benefits you can get from having an elaborate list of Instagram followers. You can access the list manually or you can use InsExport which is a helper tool. Doing it manually is challenging and it is best to use a helper tool.

Don’t be left out of the numerous advantages of having an Instagram followers list. Use the different tools you can access to get your followers list. Once you get the followers list, you can use it to grow your business, and improve how you interact with your potential customers. Social media is a tool that can help you grow; hence, ensure you use it extensively.