InsLikesExport – Export Instagram Likes

InsLikesExport is the best Instagram tool makde for people who want to export likes from Instagram to CSV/Excel.Easily exports all likes from your Instagram photos to Excel

What data will be exported?

#user id

How it works export likes from instagram to Excel?

  1. Install InsLikeExport and Login
  2. Enter a Instagram post Url
  3. Click the export button

Data Privacy

All the data is processed only on your local computer, it never passes through our web servers, no one knows what others export.

Customer Support

We sincerely want to solve any problem you may have.Please feel free to contact us, we are always here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  How to find a link on post?

You will find a link like this:

What is the difference between a free account and a paid user?

Free account can only export up to 100 likes at a time.
Paid account can export 10000 likes at a time.

How long the data export takes?

It depends on the data of export. But approximately data export takes:1000 items – 3 minutes,
If you want to export a big data,you should start it and have a coffee 🙂

Can you export Instagram likes?

Yes,InsLikesExport export instagram likes with one click.

How do I extract likes from an Instagram post?

InsLikesExport just do it for you.

Export Instagram Likes